This article on the WRSCC Club History was originally prepared by Deryk Pawsey (RIP) who spend much time on this article.  It gives us the background history on how this club came to be, please read and enjoy...

The genesis of the Club occurred circa 1990 when about five or six KSSAC members formed a committee to explore the possibility of starting up a computer club at the Centre. Somehow, (the details are now lost) they acquired a 386SX computer which was set up in the library. Several meetings were held with attendance around five or six members. Unfortunately as no one had any computer skills the Club collapsed.

However, interest in computers remained active and around 1993 a committee was formed from a consortium of three seniors centre groups in the BC lower mainland, the City of Surrey’s Newton and Cloverdale Senior Centers and the City of White KSSAC to try and stimulate interest in computers and raise funds for obtaining them. In late 1994 they managed to obtain a grant through “New Horizons”, a Federal Government agency to purchase computers and auxiliary equipment. (Computers were expensive items in those days). The initial basic objective was to buy a computer for each Centre so a data base of community resources and services for seniors could be developed. With funds from the grant a computer was purchased for the KSSAC. It was a Pentium 120 with 16 MB of RAM, a 1.2 GB hard drive and Windows 95 as the OS. The monitor was a 21 inch CRT. Total cost was $4963!

In November 1996 the KSSAC received a further $8000 from the grant to buy three additional (low cost) computers to run computer courses for members and to set up a computer club. In 1997 the computer club was revived and its first meeting was held in the Centre’s library January 8th with 23 members present. Membership steadily increased and by May 1997 it was 40. By December it had reached 55.

In 2000 the library capacity limit was reached and the meetings were moved to the Auditorium. In 2001 a grant from the KSSAC Executive Committee allowed the purchase of a projector and a new computer. By 2004 membership had climbed to almost 200 and a cap of 196 had to be made to comply with fire regulations. In 2007 another grant from the KSSAC allowed the purchase of a new super state of the art computer. Club funds from membership dues have also allowed the purchase of many software programmes, auxiliary equipment and peripherals.

Club Chairpersons

1997 - Al Bain

1998 - John Livingstone

1999 - John Livingstone

2000 - Ron Dowle

2001 - Ron Dowle

2002 - Deryk Pawsey

2003 - Deryk Pawsey

2004 - Deryk Pawsey

2005 - Deryk Pawsey

2006 - Bernie Blessman

2007 - Bernie Blessman

2008 - Shirley Logan

2009 - John Doogan

2010 - Audrey Jones

2011 - John Doogan

2012 - Helen Barclay

2013 - Bob Switzer

2014 - Bob Switzer

2015 - Alta Alta

2016 - Alta Alta

2017 - Geri Sinclair

Founding Members

Al Bain

Art Bos

Doug Dean

Irma Herzig

Frank Humphries

Lloyd Kilby

Neal Marvel

This history developed in March 2009.