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Alta Alta - Medical Cannabis for Pain Relief in Seniors

From March 20, 2019 12:30 pm until 2:30 pm
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Speaker: Alta Alta

Date: March 20, 2019

Topic: Medical Cannabis for Pain Relief in Seniors

We will be looking at how to use your PC to do the following:

  1. Learn potential benefits in using Medical Cannabis
  2. Determine if it may be helpful for your medical condition(s)
  3. Get a Medical Document authorizing use of it
  4. Deciding which Provider to buy from
  5. Registering with a Provider
  6. Decide which way to use it (delivery method)
  7. Choose which product to buy
  8. Obtain accessories to use it
  9. Order your Medical Cannabis
  10. Track delivery of shipment by courier
  11. Resolve any questions you may have about its use 

There will be a Q&A period at the end for all your questions.

During Break, we will have a "Show & Tell" of Medical Cannabis
(as "raw buds", ground flakes, & oils), its delivery methods, & accessories used with it.

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