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Our Experts Step Up

From May 22, 2019 12:30 pm until 2:30 pm
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emergency x200We have been advised by Jessica Crane that her presentation partner, David Anderson, has been hospitalized with back pain.

Their presentation will be rescheduled for a session in the Fall. 

We wish Dave a satisfactory recovery (we all know about back pain) and look forward to seeing him and Jessica soon.

fireman x150Fortunately, we are never at a loss for presentation material with our Resident Experts available.

Bernie Blessman and Karl Gregg will be stepping in and are already preparing their topics.


Bernie is working at continuing his popular series on "Interesting Websites"

Karl is working on information about "Google Docs"

  1. Getting the "Shortcuts for Google Products".
  2. Set up Google Drive.
  3. Overview of 'DOCS'.
  4. Using the Word Processor — Introduction.


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