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Dr. Kendall Ho, eHealth Strategy

From November 13, 2019 12:30 pm until 2:30 pm
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Dr. Kendall Ho, Medical Apps

tmb kendal ho louiseDr. Ho is a practicing emergency medicine specialist and lead, Digital Emergency Medicine. He was the founding Director of the eHealth Strategy Office until 2015, and was the immediate past Associate Dean of the Division of Continuing Professional Development and Knowledge Translation (CPD/KT) up until February 2008, when CPD/KT was transitioned to two units: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and the eHealth Strategy Office (eHealth).

(Above text extracted from Dr.Ho's profile at the UBC website)

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On his first visit to our club (September 2018), Dr. Ho provided us with an excellent presentation on the subject of how medical professionals are using modern technology to deliver health care.

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