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Dr. Kendall Ho, eHealth Strategy

From November 13, 2019 12:30 pm until 2:30 pm
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Dr. Kendall Ho, Medical Apps

tmb kendal ho louiseAt our November 13th meeting, we are pleased to again, feature Dr. Kendall Ho, MD, FRCPC, UBC Faculty of Medicine and Ellison Richmond MH, MD Candidate 2021 who will be giving a presentation: “iCON Digital Heath Workshop”.

We have agreed to participate in an interactive discussion where we have an opportunity to provide our individual opinions that will assist Dr. Ho in the development of a program that will be available on “How we would like to use technology to improve our access to health care”.

Survey forms will be distributed to each of our members, and Dr. Ho will explain the program and the process. Submission of the forms will be voluntary. Cookies and Coffee will be free at the break, compliments of Dr. Ho and UBC.

We would like a good turnout at this event. Dr. Ho was particularly impressed with our group the last time he appeared and very much appreciates our participation.

Please remember to bring a writing pad, However, we will have some tables and chairs available as well.

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