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Dean Donnelly - Telus Wise

From January 22, 2020 12:30 pm until 2:30 pm
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Speaker: Dean Donnelly and Kris Smith - Telus Wise

Date: January 22, 2020

Topic: Telus Wise Seniors - Helping Canadian Seniors navigate their Wired World.

Following is the message sent to us by Dean after the presentation:

Visiting the WRSCC Computer Club is truly my favourite presentations of each year. Another amazing turnout with approximately 70+ members attending.

I can’t explain the affectionate appreciation I have for all the folks I’ve met at the club many who I know outside the club as former leaders in our community.

It’s always privilege to be able to have such an engaged and respectful audience who truly deserve the utmost respect and care especially after so many have dedicated their lives to country and community while also being loyal customers of TELUS in many cases for over 70+ years.

Special thanks to Kris Smith who joined me in assisting attendees at break in fielding the usual long list of TELUS Service questions and getting them connected to the escalation teams to assist your members after the presentation.

Thanks to Kris' boss, Lori Moshuk, and mine, Danny Sran, for giving us the flexibility at work to make up our time after regular hours so we can do this great volunteer work during work hours.

My favourite highlight came in the Kitchen long after the Table Tennis Crew had taken over the big room, where Ken Jones and I were chatting with a few gents, when one of them, Glenn Irwin, (90+ yrs) leaned in to me and said:

“Just want to say, thanks son for coming to talk to us! You know some of us are getting older and we are forgetting a few things now and then. We need the odd reminder once and a while.”
“I’m actually over 90 years old if you can imagine and you know some of us start forgetting a few things now and then, we sure can use your help remember some of the important things”

It was a priceless comment and emphasises the great thing that you four are doing in leading the White Rock Computer Club, diligently working to get your members out of the house for some great programming & connecting folks like us as TELUS WISE ambassadors with them.

Click Here for more information about this program from Telus.

Click Here to view or download the Telus Wise Guide provided during the presentation.

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