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Special Interest Groups (SIG's) are sessions in which our internal club experts donate their time to assist members in specific areas. 

This is an opportunity for members to:

  • Explore some special areas in more depth.
  • Receive help from others with simular interests'
  • Share with others what you have learned.

Meetings are not regularly scheduled, however, members are advised of upcoming sessions, when confirmed, here and via our club newsletter.

Please Note: Your membership must be current to participate in a Special Interest Group Session.

    Doug Pawson
    Doug Pawson
    Speaker / SIG Host
    SpecialtyApple Products

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    This SIG (Special Interest Group) is for those members who would like to learn more about Apple products including iPads, iPhones, or iMacs, etc.

    We offer two separate sessions depending on what you are interested in.

    An iPad or other Apple mobile device session and a Mac session.

    Meetings are held at the Kent Street Activity Centre in the Classroom beside the Library.

    *Please note: SIG meetings are open to current members only.*

  • Dennis Anderson
    Dennis Anderson
    SIG Host
    Specialty: Windows 10

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    This SIG (Special Interest Group) is for those members who would like to learn more about Windows 10.

    SIG Meetings are open to current members only.

  • Alta Alta
    Alta Alta
    Speaker / SIG Host
    Specialty:Android / Chromebooks

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    Information sessions will be posted when dates are confirmed.

    Meetings are held at the Kent Street Activity Centre in the Classroom beside the Library.

    chromebooks200x142Chromebooks Information Session

    A Chromebook is a laptop, running the Chrome O.S., instead of Windows.

    They cost 1/3 to 1/2 of the price of a Windows laptop and are much simpler to use.

    Next Meeting: TBA

    Please bring your (fully-charged) Chromebooks with you.

    smartphonetablet x200wAndroid Smartphones & Tablets

    Join Alta with your questions concerning Android Devices

    Next Meeting: TBA

    Please bring your (fully-charged) Android devices with you.

  • Karl Gregg
    Karl Gregg
    Speaker / SIG Host
    Specialty: Office Software
    office sig logox250

    Update to the Office Special Interest Group

    As the SIG leader, I have been exploring and using free Office applications (Apps) from Google (Docs) and Microsoft (Office Online Free). I am inviting you to please send me your email to join this SIG.

    As computer, smartphone and tablet users we are all constantly facing new challenges from the ever-expanding world of electronic communications. In the past few years, the focus has been shifting from the desktop, monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer model to something new and flexible - the laptop, tablet and hybrid combinations of those. Some are even using non-traditional operating systems like Chrome O/S. Also, WiFi-print and Internet-based printing technology have removed the printer cable from our devices.

    One major player in this paradigm shift has been (and still is) Google. The new model is driven and financed by worldwide advertising on the Internet. Because Google offered a free online method to create a wide range of documents, Microsoft has had to follow the same path with their Office online free. A bonus is free personal file backup on their dependable servers. 

    Thank you,

    Karl Gregg

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